Email Change - Wednesday 21st February 2024 - Change of staff/student email addresses

Modified on Thu, 22 Feb at 2:41 PM

We will be changing our email addresses on Wednesday, 21st February 2024 

Please see below for how this will affect you: 

What’s changing?

The end “part" (the domain) of our email addresses and logins is changing from to


Why are we changing? 

We are no longer a “Community School”  and therefore need to change from “Ken Stimpson Community School” to reflect our name change.  


Will I still get any emails sent to ?

Yes – Emails sent to your old email account will be automatically forwarded to your new email.

Ultimately need to phase out the emails, but this will be years down the road & plenty of notification will be given.

New staff/students won't get a email, they will only have a email.


Are we changing the email system?

No – everything else will stay the same. It’s just the addresses that are changing.


What happens on the day?

From 09:30 am we will start the procedure to swap.

During this time, emails will continue to flow normally.


Can I access IT Services on this day?

The answer here is “Maybe” – Once the change is made it can take around 24 hours for everything to sync through to Microsoft’s Infrastructure so there may be some disruption and unfortunately this will be different for everyone.


Services below will be affected:

  • Some Office 365 links may temporarily break as the change can hold onto the wrong address for a short while.
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Offsite Web filtering (eg staff laptops) – This will break Internet access on them until synchronised.
  • Chromebooks
  • SharePoint/OneDrive share links


Although it seems like a small change, in terms of backend work it’s one of the largest changes we could do (This is the main reason we did not change over on September 1st 2023!)


Because of this, we strongly recommend that you do not try to access IT services until Thursday morning. (22nd)


Do I need to change my email signatures?

Yes You need to remove your email signatures as we now have some software that sets up signatures for all staff and keeps them consistent across the school.

The standard email signature will now look like this

(Light mode)

(Dark mode)

You won't see your signature when typing an email, it will be automagically added when you send. This will also apply to mobile emails (So no more "Sent from my iPhone" in place of your signature!)

What about logins to other websites that currently use

Some services we are able to change automatically (eg CPOMS/Classcharts) to use the new email scheme. However, anything that staff have signed up for personally we have no control over, so staff will need to do those manually - Or leave as as that's not going away for a long time (Because of this)


Why “” and not something shorter? 

Two reasons:

  • We’ve owned since at least 1998 when the Internet was just in the early stages.
    Since then, all the “short” domain names have been taken or cost a substantial amount of money to purchase from existing owners and after trying every combination possible, this was the most appropriate.
  • This standardises us with other schools in the Trust – E.g. 

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