Report Phishing/Spam Emails

Modified on Wed, 15 Jun 2022 at 03:00 PM

This guide is based on how to report emails that arrive in your inbox that you know or believe are Spam/Phishing. 


When receiving a spam or phishing email in your inbox, Microsoft normally does and will filter these emails so you will not normally receive them. However, some do manage to find their way through the filter and end up in your inbox.

They may look like the following:

When this does happen you are able to report these emails so they are re-scanned for Spam/Phishing and they will be picked up by Microsoft and removed. 

Below is a step by step guide on how to report emails using Outlook online as well as the Full Office 365 Outlook Client. 

Report using Outlook Online/OWA:

1. Click on the 3 dots at the top left of the email that you are reading. 

2. Once clicked on, you have the option to report the email as Phishing or Spam. 

To report as Spam or Phishing, click on "Report Message" and you have the option to click either Spam or Phishing. 

3. Once clicked on a option, you will recieve a pop up to confirm that you do want to report this as Spam or Phishing, and from there, click "Report" to confirm it. 

This will then send the information off to Microsoft to review the email and then re-classify it as Spam or Phishing, depending on the report. 

Report Using Full Office 365 Outlook Application:

1. When clicked on a email inside of Outlook, at the top you will have multiple actions you can click. At the end, you will see a protection box that says "Report Message". Click on the Report Message button at the end of the line. 

2. When clicking on the button, you can then choose if this is a Phishing Email or a Spam Email/Junk and you can report it as needed. 

3. Once clicked on, you will be able to have a final say as to if you want to report it or not as per a pop up that appears. Click on "Report" and it will be processed back to Microsoft to be re-scanned as Spam/Junk or Phishing. 

4. Once clicked report, this will then be re-scanned and all confirmed by Microsoft it is Spam. 

If you have anymore issues, please feel free to contact IT Support on 611 or contact the service desk @

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